What We Believe

At the Association Representing Mothers Separated by adoption (Victoria), we believe that other options such as guardianship or access adoption (open) must replace traditional adoption as a means of caring for children unable to be parented by their natural parents.

We believe that other ongoing contact is essential to protect the wellbeing of our child and ourselves.

Guardianship is a preferred legal alternative because, unlike adoption, it continues to recognise the natural parents as having given birth to the child.

Our children have the right to continue thier relationship with thier natural parents and the natural parents have the right of relationship with their child/children.

Societal standards and adoption practice have breached our human rights, and as survivors we must reclaim our dignity and our rights in the following ways:

We believe that by:

  • supporting each other as natural mothers,
  • being aware of and exercising our rights,
  • refusing to be victimised,
  • obtaining the name, address and information about the welfare of our children and ultimately contacting if that is wished,
  • continuing contact with our sons and daughters
  • sharing knowledge, skills and information with each other,
  • lobbying for equal rights for natural mothers with adopted persons by actively working towards political and policy changes in adoption legislation,
  • monitoring and reviewing policy and practice in the permanent care field,
  • educating the community on the issues and concerns we have and wy permanent care should never include adoption,
  • mothers should have legal representation at the signing of any documents and legal recourse to ensure they have ongoing contact with their child.


We can reclaim our dignity and rights.

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